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New rules?

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Mike Grehan blogged the following on the ClickZ Network:

"With search and PR so intrinsically linked, what are we likely to see happening in the immediate future? Will SEO shops retrain or bring in marketers to take on a more PR and marketing role? Or will PR companies get the message first (like Lyn Mettler) and get onto the search marketing bandwagon?"

I think the reality is that both industries will adapt (if they haven't already) to offer what their clients will inevitably need; an integrated online marketing strategy. The difference is that SEO professionals understand the value of online/SEO PR, from a link building perspective, for general brand promotion and crucially for consumer to consumer recommendations via social media networks. These recommendations are what make good news travel but in order to make this happen the news must be of quality. The danger with traditional PR agencies attempting to get online is that the switch of focus from journalist to direct to consumer news/PR can be used as an excuse to write sales/promotional copy. The SEO agencies know through their deep understanding of the online community that this won't wash with savvy web users who require their news to be just as relevant and interesting as any journalist would.


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