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Google Testing Yahoo Like Quick Links

Friday, 27 February 2009

Google rolled out a quick test of Yahoo like 'quick links' which are a bit different to the usual sitelinks you see in Google. I managed to capture a screen shot as below before they disappeared. You can see them under the listing.

I personally quite like them. The test was on and pretty widespread in terms of industries and sites they appeared under. Sites generally in the top 2 postions seemed to have the quick links, but the test was pretty brief to draw any real conclusions yet.



Nice ;-) Does anyone know if it will a permanent thing.


@Johannes, according to Barry at SERoundtable this is very similar to the earliest tests of SiteLinks so I guess it has been on the cards for quite some time. We've heard of it showing up in a few locations recently so I would suppose it might become permanent.


Not sure I see the point, how is 'home insurance' relevant to a search for 'car insurance'?


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Yes, interesting indeed. Where will the journey go to? In my opionion these links will get permanent!


annarogers - good point, your company has Google PR = 2 whilst most bonafide SEO organisations would be at least 5.

Don't worry though, with enough forum spam, you'll get there eventually.

James Bavington

I managed to catch a glimpse of these 'in-line' links too. I don't think I like them at all, I prefer the exisiting Quick Links that Google Use.

I think the inline version blends in too much.


Is it the navigation they are using as the quick links?

Michael Thomas

I like the idea of the quick links as I think it helps navigate the site a lot easier. Do you think all these quick links would give strength and free link juice to websites? So when google crawl websites like yahoo and find 5 extra links to a website would this help the website?

Credit Restoration Bureau

I've been wondering about these mini-links for a while now. I curious if they are using my navigation for the mini-links or does it require new code of some kind.

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I am really excited to read this kind of blog, it seems really creative. Annarogers has add some good point in comment form that's great.


I have not seen this but then, I don't search from the United kingdom. If it was a test, maybe it was no extended to all regions that Google has servers for.

I think it would probably bring in more revenue for the company that is listed there. it makes sense for Google to try and squeeze as much out of each search as possible.

If they can increase sales for the companies that are featured in their results that way, they will have another service to offer.


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