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What's Happened to Golexa

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Golexa the 'Awesome Search Tool' hasn't been working for over a week. Golexa is powered by Google API,  Alexa Thumbnails & Yahoo Y!Q, it produces some of the most useful at-a-glance information to search engine optimisers on the web, it now seems to have packed up its bags.

The site is rendering, and looks perfectly fine, but once you type in your URL and click go, nothing happens. So the question is, does anyone know what has happened to

Comments does a similar thing to GoLexa -- in case you wanted an alternative.

Came across this site while googling for
Such an useful site. I think there is no way
to contact the owners.

Is there any way to let them know they are
needed :-)

Nice site BTW.

I finally got it back up with a new look.

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