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Is Google a threat to comparison and vertical search providers?

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Techcrunch recently published an article claiming Google intends to enter the Mortgage comparison marketplace. So is Google a threat to comparison and vertical search providers or an opportunity for the best of them?

If it is true that Google is planning a mortgages product it would be an evolution of something that started with the Google Merchant service which ran briefly in 2008 and allowed consumers to compare loan offers,  a move into mortgages as well would send stronger signals than ever that Google clearly has its gaze on the top teir of vertical search providers, and comparison and vertical search may soon become a winner takes all business.
As has been seen with BING a closer integration of verticalised/comparison search into their overall search experience has proved popular with users, so I don't think it's strange that Google might be looking at this.

That means any or all of the following sectors which have a high proportion of verticalised/comparison services might be potential targets for assimilation:
  • flights comparison (cheapflights, kayak, farecast - BING)
  • real estate (rightmove, propertyfinder, nestoria)
  • reviews (, CIAO!, BizzareVoice, Reevoo)
  • financial services and insurance (, Money Super Market, Compare The MeerKat)
According to Techcrunch Google was going to 'whitelabel' another providers mortgage qoute system, that seems a little unusual to me in as far as Google is concerned, as I'd thought they'd build something from the ground up themselves. However theoretically the fact that they might consider partnering for mortgages (if the Techcrunch story is true) does mean that there are possibilities in the UK that Google could look to partner with services such as who provide user reviews (BING currently uses CIAO!) or a financial services comparison provider, or even someone like  or for flights comparison (BING currently uses Farecast).


Michael Thomas

This is probably true, I think google will take over the world at some point. I don't really see what the fuss is all about as if Joe Blogs turned up with a similar website no one would notice, untill it became popular but then it would of been around a while so no one would say anything about it.


It’s pretty sure, in the near future, Google will try to fit results from its verticals in a more deep way than the current Onebox placements.

Rangka baja ringan

What I know google is very big S.E. today and will grow and grow... in the future.

If it's a threat... than it would be totally considered as 'cause and result'

loan modification attorney

Interesting. But I am not complacent with Google providing offers such as these. I still believe their power lies on search engine, ads and that's it.

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