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Google Real Time Quality Scores- The Perfect 10…

Monday, 20 October 2008

As everyone in the PPC world knows ever since Google implemented the ‘real time’ quality score system, keyword QS has been ranked between 1 & 10. Since this change in the quality score metric advertisers have been striving for this perfect 10.


I’ve read a few threads (including Abbottsys experiments at Search Engine Watch & rustybrick's contribution at the Search Engine Roundtable) that offer different tips & explanations on how advertisers can achieve ‘the big 1 0’. Some have commented that they have achieved this score by experimenting with their keyword structure (single keyword Ad Groups, putting keywords on all three match types & by creating keyword specific destination URLs). I’m not going to add to this list of tips or give you all a concrete rule for obtaining the perfect score as I’m sure you all have your own ideas. I am however, going to include an example from my own experience, and let you decide why Google has deemed the term worthy of top marks.

My example of the ‘perfect’ term (well Google QS wise anyway) is of a generic non- branded term within the travel sector which is set to broad match. The term has a good level of search volume and competition is not in its own Ad Group. The Ad Group has 4 ad variations (all of which have some variation of the term in its copy) and a default CPC that should put the term on the first page of search results.

This term (and others in the account in question) has had the 10/10 score ever since the new algorithm came into play and just goes to show that people can come up with loads of different methods to get the flawless 10 out of 10 but even with just the PPC basics of a tight Campaign & Ad Group structure; a decent CPC; good ad copy and a relevant landing page, advertisers can still enjoy all the benefits a great QS delivers.


PPC Guru Wannabe

I achieved the all mighty 10/10 but it makes no sense to me at all. For a two word non-competitive phrase, I have received 1 impression and no clicks over the past month. The landing page is the home page which makes no mention of the keyword phrase on that page. In fact, there is no mention anywhere in the site of this phrase. Google says my average position is 13. (BTW... I inherited this campaign - I did not set it up to target such a keyword)

How is this ranked a 10 out of 10? I have other keywords for another client that have 12% CTR and 20% conversion rate with loads of relevant copy on the landing page. These keyword phrases have a 5/10 quality score! How do I use these indicators to improve my campaigns when I can't make sense of them?

Matt Hopson

That is strange, if a KW with 1 impression and no clicks equals 10/10 then surely the high CTR and volume terms must be better quality & worthy of a high QS!

It may be a case that the data (or lack of) is affecting the QS calculations but apart from that I'm really not sure!

Is the keyword in question part of a larger Ad Group?

Dan Sharp

If the keyword has no impressions then Google will work out QS using the factors it does have - so you can still get 10/10 scores if highly targeted and relevant.

seo pixy

Nice post, I've been trying to reach that perfect 10 for some time but it doesn't happen.. Well, I'll just keep trying:)

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