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First day of autumn 2008

Monday, 22 September 2008

Today is the first day of Autumn 2008 which Google has reflected in their new logo.


A lot of SEO's have used Googles logo change as an opportunity to rank for the terms at the core of the subject because of the potential volume behind it. Perhaps this is why you are here!.

Aswell as an opportunity for SEO, it's also an opportunity for paid search which has not been used a great deal in the past. The potential of huge volumes of fairly untargeted traffic will put many off, so it's interesting to see Littlewoods trialing it today.


Will this result in conversions or just a lot of traffic and cost?.



i feel that in this day and age our society can not cope with such trecherous and vile logos being displayed on a public website.

@ ellis. Compared to some of them I'd says its pretty tasteful, it certainly looks a lot slicker.

Check out the old ones:

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