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Google SEM Manager?

Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Couldn't believe my ears. We just got a phone call from a recruitment consultant trying to head hunt for a European SEM Manager role for Google...

SEM's (search engine marketing agencies) are people who put in the serious ground work evangelising the value of search, many since well before Google existed in the public eye.

Whilst I'm flattered by the offer,  I'm overwhelmed and mildly relieved by the fact that the worlds biggest search engine may finally be realising that search engine marketing agencies deserve some recognition.

Guys, it's a step in the right direction.


Luis Flores

But did you accept the offer or not? Perhaps they are just creating a database of the "enemy". :)

Sebastien Billard

Hi Teddie, could you describe more precisely the job ? What is a "European SEM Manager" ? A person in charge of working with external SEM agencies, or is Google looking for providing SEM services ?


My understanding from the recruitment guy was that it was more a channel management style role, IE. working with SEM's, rather than a hunt for search engine marketers as some people seem to have qouted on other blogs.

Hence why it could be a positive thing for the industry, and a good move by Google.

Sebastien Billard

Thanks for the precisions Teddie ! Yes it could be a good thing, even if I suspect it would be only for selling Adwords and not for speaking about the SEO part of the game.

And yes bloggers are quick to deform information so I prefered to ask confirmation ;)


Here it is - we found the role.

Senior Manager European SEM Channel - London

From the sentence "Proven track record ... especially from the interactive agency/SEM buy-side" it seems they are looking for someone from an SEM background.

Anders Kargaard Jensen

Hi Teddie!

I blog about which of the search companies that will prevail - kind of writing about the search war - but my angle is from the investors point of view. I see you link to different ressources on your blog. Would you consider linking to my blog?

If you check it out, you will also noticed, that I have linked to this blog, as I find it relevant reading for readers on my blog. My blog's title is "Google vs Yahoo! vs Microsoft.


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