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Search engines and copyright infringement

Monday, 07 August 2006

Copyright theft is a problem, not only can it cause issues for someone's algorithmic search listings, it's a pretty spineless thing to do skimming off other peoples intellectual property and effort.

I was reading Google news and spotted what looked like a really interesting article on the "long tail of search marketing", anyway the more I read the more I agreed with it ...  in fact ... it started to sound more and more like something our own Martin Dinham would say. So I ran it through the free check from our friends over at Copyscape and sure enough it was almost an exact copy of an article he'd written for minus any reference to us or e-consultancy.  If you want to check out how good copyscape is, have a look at the stolen content here:, but please note we really means Neutralize (*\*).   The original article on the long tail of search marketing is here.

Personally I take this pretty seriously, and it seems so does Chris at e-consultancy, especially since Google deemed this company good enough to accept this content as legitimate news and they'd also been stealing other content as well. To help out please read the article (filed under Thou Shalt Not Steal) and follow Chris's instructions about how to deal with those thieving bastards at R******* & Co.


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