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Google: Click-to-Play Video

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Google has now announced the release of click-to-play video across their content network. Running in the same model as their pay-per-click system, ads are based on a CPC & CPM bidding basis. From a web user perspective, the idea is that opposed to irritating splash advertising, video ads will be an 'opt-in' choice, running only when clicked on.

With the mass of the adsense network Google are potentially offering advertisers a enticing new medium. More targeted than TV, site specific, geo-targeted and less intrusive, will this be the re-invention of TV advertising?

For all official info: adwords blog


Neil Patel

The problem with video advertising is the difficulty in making the ad. If Google comes up with a way for people to make their video ads with ease, then it can be hot.


If users have to opt-in the quality of the content is so much more important, potentially what this really becomes is a mass outlet for the best of the viral marketing guys.


I dont know about anyone else but this just seems like another attempt in Googles ongoing effort to dominate every corner of the internet.

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